Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alive, I Promise!

Hello! Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know we are still here. I just haven't posted for a while. Things are good here. A few bullet-points:

* Scott is currently in Temple, Texas for a clerkship. His last day is Friday, so he should be home on SUNDAY! Woo hoo! He really likes the program there. It's definitely near the top of our list.
* For Thanksgiving the kids and I were invited over to my friend Aupreille's house, and Scott was invited to his friend Jon's friend's house (Scott, Jon and Spencer are all living in the guesthouse at Jon's friend's ranch this month). A good time was had by all, and we are very appreciative of wonderful friends who take such good care of us!
* The kids had their last soccer game a couple weeks ago. They were much better this year than last year, I believe. They are still in the drawing class with their friend, Izak, although we didn't make it yesterday because Michael stayed home from school sick with a fever- 102.2, baby!
* Had my booth at the craft show a couple weeks ago. Didn't do very well, but that's okay. It was a learning experience and I was able to build up a decent inventory. I plan to list a bunch of the cards on Etsy, where people will actually be searching for handmade cards.
* One thing kind of crazy...we found a fraudulent charge on our credit card for over $11 THOUSAND dollars!! It was at some farm & ranch store in Great Britain! Nuts, huh?! They tried to buy some stuff through Orbitz, too. Glad we caught that one!
* I've been teaching a girl in my ward voice lessons, and they've been going really well! I feel myself singing better since I started, too, because I am more aware of how everything is supposed to work, I guess.

That's all for now. I have had a killer headache all day, so my brain is kind of foggy, but I wanted to get some kind of post out here since I've been razzed by a couple of people that the Barbie post was the last one I had written. ;)

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