Saturday, December 3, 2011

Black Friday

On "Black Friday" I braved the madhouse that was Joann's Craft & Fabrics, with all three kids in tow, to get fabric to make the kids' Christmas PJs. It was CRAZY! The line to check out looped all the way around the store, and the wait for getting fabric cut was crazy, too. But, they had the snuggle flannel fabric on sale for $1.49 a yard! Plus, there was a coupon for an extra 25% off your whole purchase. Cha-ching! After Joann's we went to Barnes and Noble, where I picked up a few things. Much harder to buy gifts when the kids are with you. Ha ha! But, I had a worker put my little stash up at the registers for me, then told the kids to go look at the Angry Birds while I checked out. Sneaky, sneaky.

After B&N we grabbed some lunch from Fry's, then headed to the park to meet up with 2 other families we know with triplets. All the kids got along really well, and it was fun to have some girl talk. And, the weather was gorgeous! We were all in t-shirts! We miraculously were able to get all of us in the picture with almost everyone looking at the camera!

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  1. I totally went to Joann's too! And got the $1.49 fabric too! But for baby blankets and things not pj's.


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