Monday, March 5, 2012

Operation Optimism: Day1...again? Or is it Day 2?

So, remember how I got all excited about this "retrain your brain to be more optimistic and happy" thing? But, did I even make it past day 1?!?!?! No. Lame with a capital L. Not an impressive start, I must say. AND, I got all down on myself because I was, like, "I'm trying to do this thing to make things better, it's only supposed to takes a couple minutes to do a day, and I can't even do TWO days in a row?! What's wrong with me?!" Then I had a big, 'ole, crybaby rant about it to Scott. Blah. Ergh. Blarg.

Well, today is a new day. I can start again. I could even call today day 2 if I wanted to. I can do whatever I want. It's my life, dangit! But, to make things easier on myself, I think I will probably be doing this in an actual journal. *Gasp* I know. Who uses a journal anymore?! Well, I'm going to. Plus, it would be sad to write down all this stuff, and all these feelings, then not get the blog printed, or lose it all to lame Blogger, and then it would not be available for future generations to read.

SO, to make a short story SUPER long...I will not be posting much more about this whole "Operation Optimism" she-bang here on the blog. But, I WILL try to get the blog caught up on normal, family stuff. There are a lot of things I have not blogged about yet, such as:
* Christmas Eve
* Christmas Day
* Our trip to Oregon for Scott's Grandma's funeral
* Our niece's baby blessing from back in, oh, June of last year
* Other fun stuff

I'd also like to do more general "this is everyday life here at the Robertsons" posts, as well. After all, it's the little things that count. Our lives are made up of little moments. The things we do day-to-day are what make up the whole of our lives. (Have I added enough cliches in that one paragraph? Good.)

So, be on the look-out for some long overdue posts and some updates on our family's life.

This is Jillian Robertson, signing off.

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  1. I always start things and then they just drop off...just remember it is never too late to start again. I like this idea...keep going lady!


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