Friday, August 17, 2012


Sorry I am SOOOO behind in posting! We've done a bunch of fun things, I just haven't gotten them blogged! I start to think about posting, then get distracted, or think "I have so much to post I'd hate to not give the posts justice!" But, posting *something* is better than not posting anything at all. SO, I think I will post a few posts right now and get some fun pictures up here for you guys. :)

 Not a lot going on here, really. We've gone on a couple of trips, the kids start school in a few weeks, we've been playing with the 'neighbor' kids, etc. I'm still working on getting settled into our new place. It is definitely hard going from a house to an apartment. For one, our kitchen is tiny. We thought the kitchen in our AZ house was small!! Compared to our kitchen now it was great!

 Scott & I have callings in our ward now. Scott was called as a Ward Missionary, and I was called as the Activity Days leader. We're both excited about our callings. I've always been in music callings, so I'm excited for this one! I like planning activities, and the 8-11 year old girls are so sweet! 

That's about all I can think of right now. Hope you are doing great!


  1. Activity Days will be lots of fun and you'll be great at it! The girls will love you!

  2. David is a ward missionary too!


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