Friday, May 9, 2008

Pulling Faces

Right now I am in the midst of trying to get the kids to take their afternoon nap. This has been going on for the last, oh I'd say, HOUR AND A HALF! A couple times when I went in to check on them I found Katelynn and Emma in the same crib hugging and kissing each other. I thought that was pretty cute. I'm glad that they love each other and want to show their affection, but can't you wait until AFTER nap time?!

Another time I went in to check on them I found them making faces at each other. Here is a sample of their work:

I don't hear any noise in there now. Hopefully that means they have settled down enough to go to sleep. Of course, maybe I shouldn't say anything...I might jinx myself! Just another example of the joys of motherhood.


  1. Awesome 80's memories! I'd forgotten all of the great shows! I totally watched all of those! Good times.
    PS. your "babies" are so cute - and so...NOT babies like I remember!

  2. cute cute cute! Love the page changes! Also what a bunch of crazys you've got on your hands! Hopefully I'll see you guys in Sept.


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