Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zoo Day

On Saturday Scott & I took the kids to the zoo. They had fun in the goat pen. They had little brushes there that you can comb the goats with. Here Katelynn is telling the goat that she needs to brush his hair. Notice how she has him in a choke hold.

They enjoyed washing their hands after playing with the goats and were excited that the water came out of the animals' mouths.

Here is Scott & Michael looking at the lions. Michael loves lions.

Katelynn riding on Mommy's shoulders. It looks like she loves her Mommy, don't you think?

They really liked watching the turtles. Or were they tortoises? Those things 'run ' faster than I thought!

Emma is quite the rock climber. She saw this huge wall and just HAD to climb it. She climbed this huge wall with no help at all!

The sweet smell of success!

Of course, Katelynn had to follow suit.

They liked the kitty cats.

Michael got really excited about a lizard he saw running up the back wall of the restrooms.

And the girls had a great time in the drinking fountain. Why did we pay to get into the zoo again?

Here is a shot of Emma on Scott's shoulders. Katelynn is in the stroller, chewing on her blanket. Where's Michael? Running off to look at a bug or something. Again, why did we pay for the zoo?

This is the closest I could get to a group picture. We are looking at the 'croc-a-gators', as Michael calls them.

Michael decided to hitch a ride on Scott's foot.

What are those? "pink ducks! red ducks!"

The kids always have a fun time at the zoo. Scott loves to see them get excited about animals, because he gets excited about animals. It was a fun day.


  1. So cute! I mailed the kids b-day things today. Hopefully we'll see them soon.

  2. Oh how fun! I've been telling Tyson lately that I really want to go to the zoo. I hope he takes me sometime!


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