Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News Flash!

Today was a big day for us. We just sent in the deposit to hold Scott's place at Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona where he will study to become a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine! That means that we will be moving to Arizona before school starts the end of August! I know that it is so crazy, but we are really excited about it. When we moved to Texas our plan was to live here for a year to get our Texas residency, and then apply for medical schools in Texas because it would save us a lot of money and there are a lot of great med schools to choose from. I know that we were supposed to have moved to Texas, and that we needed to be here to help take care of my Dad. But, after my Dad passed away so quickly we wondered if med school was really what we were supposed to do, so we fasted and prayed about it. Scott was impressed to look into podiatry, which we had talked about briefly last year but had discarded quickly. I started doing research online about podiatry schools as found out that all the podiatry schools were still accepting applications for this Fall. The more we thought and prayed about it, the better we felt about it and knew that we needed to apply for podiatry school.

So, we went ahead and applied, hoping for the best. Only a few hours after his application was received he was contacted about interviewing at one of the schools. During the next week he was asked to come interview at every school he applied to. He went and did an interview at schools in California, Iowa and Arizona. He was accepted to all three, which is amazing because this late in the year you are usually put on the waiting list, or told to come back next year. The Dean at one of the schools even got special permission to call Scott and tell him that, although he was technically on the waiting list, he was in the #1 spot and they always draw from the waiting list every year, so basically he was in.

It was a hard decision between Iowa and Arizona. There were things he really liked about both places, but in the end we decided to go with Arizona. The weather is nice most of the year, and the church is strong there. Pushing the 'submit' button is scary, though, because you are making a commitment. It's final. There's no turning back now.

The more we think about podiatry, the more we like it. It is such a great field to work in, with nice office hours, the opportunity to do surgeries and have hospital privileges, and rarely any emergencies you are called in for. It's also nice because there is some job security, with the Baby Boomers getting older, and all the diabetes patients needing foot care, as well as sports injuries and pediatric podiatric problems. Plus, he will learn about the whole body, not just the lower extremities. The first two years almost all his classes will be with the DO students, and during their clinical rotations they learn internal medicine, emergency & trauma, head injuries, and surgery on all parts of the body, among other things. We feel like this is important knowledge to have as we get closer to the Second Coming, because Scott wants to be able to care for his family and those around him in the event of a natural disaster or war or whatever else comes our way.

So, although we just moved to Texas in January, we're moving again. This time we should be there for 4 years! Now we just have to pack (which should be easier, since half our stuff is still in boxes anyway) , find another house in Arizona to move into, take Katelynn to her follow-up appointments, and all that other 'fun' movin' stuff. Wish us luck!

By the way...I seriously don't know what the Big Guy was thinking when he put all these trials together in the same year, but I guess he knows what He's doing, so I'll go along with it. I hope this means we are done with trials for all of next year or something. That would be nice. :)


  1. Holy cow! That is a news flash. Congratulations, that is really awesome. Maybe Texas is just bad luck for you! You need to get outta there and on to Arizona. I think this will be really awesome for you.

  2. Congratulations!! Hey, I grew up in Arizona and love it. I'll be visiting in October and can't wait. Where will you be - Tucson or Tempe? Assuming that it's either UA or ASU, of course.

    Good luck in your preparations - you are going to have a busy month getting ready!

  3. Congratulations! We look forward to having you join the Midwestern University family. See you on campus!

    Courtney Sullivan
    University Relations
    MIdwestern University

  4. Congrats Jillian! That really is a lot in half a year! It sounds great though and like what you are supposed to be doing. My grandma lived in Arizona when I was growing up and I always found it beautiful and peaceful (and slightly closer to all us cool people in Utah ;))

  5. Congrats! That is SO AWESOME! Good luck in Az. You'll both have a blast!


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