Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bye-Bye Wiggles

In May we got a beautiful yellow lab puppy from some friends of ours. She was born around Christmas time last year. Her name is Wiggles. She is a good dog, but a little too much for our kids to handle right now. She would jump up onto them because she was just so excited to see them. Needless to say, the amount of love she gave was a little overwhelming. We decided that we needed to find her a new home. (the dog, not the kids. Although some days...) We put an ad on Craig's List and received several replies the next day.

This morning a man and his daughter came by to take Wiggles away to her new home. They have half an acre and another lab for Wiggles to play with. I know that it will be a good place for her, and the other family was very excited to be getting her, but it's still a little sad. It was our family's first dog.

Michael and Katelynn stood outside and waved bye to Wiggles. After they left Katelynn was singing and doing this little dance saying, "Wiggles not bite me anymore" (she would try to grab their arms to play with them, which they equated with a bite). But, soon after Katelynn became very distraught and started crying. "I want my Wiggles back. Go find Wiggles." She even tried bargaining and said, "Wiggles not bite me anymore. Wiggles lay down! Go find Wiggles. I want my Wiggles back." We tried explaining that she was going to a new home and that she wouldn't have to worry about Wiggles jumping on her anymore, but she is still upset. Awww....

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  1. oh. I'm sorry. I'm sure life will be much easier for you, especially with the move. But, losing a pet is always sad.


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