Monday, July 21, 2008

A Song

All of you musicians will be proud of Michael. This evening he was playing outside on the swing and Scott came outside to offer him some mango. He said excitedly to Scott, "Shh! It's a song! I hear it!" He was referring to the sound of the tree frogs and crickets! The next time Scott came outside Michael pointed towards the garden and said, "It's coming from over there! The song! I hear it!" He was SO excited. We looked out at him a little later and he was lazily swinging with his head tilted back, enjoying the symphony he had discovered. It was so neat to see him get so excited about the 'song'. It made us happy because 1) He's a little budding musician (YES!) and 2) kids are so awesome in the way they notice the little things that we take for granted, ignore, or don't even realize are there. These are the moments you cherish as a parent, to see your child growing into a little person, making discoveries on their own about the world around them, and enjoying God's creations.

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  1. Oh that's so cute. I just watched August Rush and that totally reminds me of that movie. Perhaps you have a little prodigy on your hands...


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