Thursday, August 28, 2008

In a Bloggin' Mood

Here is just a random blog because I'm in the mood to blog. Maybe I'll make a list of things I am excited about, and not excited about, living in Arizona. Yes, that sounds like fun. Here we go...

Excited About:
* nice weather year-round. That means I can let the kids go outside to play and take them to the park almost anytime. Kids playing outside=Mommy sanity break!
* living in a metropolitan area. There are always fun things to do and cool places to shop (or browse, as the case may be) when you are in a big city.
* decent sized LDS community. There may not be quite as many members as there are in Utah, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. There are enough members that people actually have a clue what "LDS" means, and the temple isn't TOO far away.
* Scott going to school. Not that I don't love my husband and want him around (becasue I do), but I'm glad that we are moving into this exciting new chapter in our lives, and that in a few years I will be able to call him "Dr. Robertson".
* having some friends and family close by. It makes the transition a little less scary, and has been so fun already.
* making new friends. As a kid my family moved around a lot and I was forced to learn how to make friends, because if you don't learn how, you won't have any friends! Ok, that was kinda repetitive and obvious. ("If you are weak, you are not strong..." ~Mystery Men) But, I DO enjoy getting to know new people. I always have to find groups to be involved with, and when I don't find what I'm looking for I create a group that fits my needs. I just love that kind of thing. In Utah I helped with our mothers of multiples group and planned the family parties. It was SO much fun! Then there's your book clubs, scrapbooking, things like that where you can get to know people and have fun doing it.
* finding a good doctor. RIGHT before we moved from Utah I had started seeing a wonderful doctor who understood my hormonal imbalances and was starting me down the road of normalcy. Then, when I went to a doc in Texas to get my prescriptions filled, he looked at me like I was a lunatic! He made me feel horrible and acted like I had been seeing a witch doctor or something. He refused to write prescriptions for the things I needed, becasue he didn't think I needed them...although he had NO basis for his belief, since he had none of my lab work in front of him. For example...I had a CBC run in UT and it came back showing I had a Vitamin D deficiency. I told the doctor that and he said, " Do you use dairy products and go outside? Then there is no way you have a Vit D deficiency. Only post-menopausal women deal with that, or people with some other weird disease." HELLO!! I've only had ONE tiny period since September 2004!! That's just one example of his idiocy. SO, to make a short story long, I'm excited to find a doctor that doesn't practice backwoods, hobo medicine.
*getting settled down. I know you've all heard this over and over and over again in my blog, but I'm am SO ready to have things calm down and start living some resemblance of a normal life. Well, as normal as life with trips can get. :)

Not Excited About:
* not having seasons that are as well defined..or at least the rest of the country's definition of 'well-defined seasons'. I have to admit that I LOVE the Fall. The leaves changing colors and falling from the trees. The little crisp in the air. Back to school. I feel like Meg Ryan in 'You've Got Mail' and I would love to have Tom Hanks give me a big bouquet of newly sharpened pencils to celebrate the beginning of the season. But, oh well. I can still decorate with pumpkins if I darn well please!
*Scott starting school. I know, I know, It was on my 'excited' list. But, it has been nice to have him around to helpd with the kids, and I depend on him a lot when I am having a hard day. Now, he has school from 8-5, THEN he has to study! He will be the Phantom Husband, like the Loch-Ness Monster or Bigfoot. There are legends of people who have seen him, and the occasional photographic evidence, but no other proof that he actually exists outside of school. He is there only in the minds of those who know he does, indeed, exist.
* getting to know new people. Again, one that was on the other list, but it's always a little strange getting to know new people. You are afraid they won't like your crazy self, and there's always the fear that you will say something completely wrong and they will never want to see you again, and tell everyone they know that you are not the kind of person they would like to be friends with for whatever reason. Plus, we were just starting to make friends in our ward in Texas and now we kind of have to start all over.

Well, I think that's all for now. If you are still reading this, and aren't asleep, yay for you. If you ARE asleep, you should probably move to your bedroom now, and next time you are having trouble getting some shut-eye, visit this post again. Have a fantastic day!


  1. I'm glad to hear you guys made it saftly to Arizona. It's always hard, at least to me, to make new friends in a new place, but at least you don't have any plans to move again anytime soon!

  2. I saw on facebook you found a place to rent. Hooray!!!


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