Monday, August 25, 2008

On the Hunt

Well, folks, we rolled into the great metropolis of Phoenix Sunday afternoon. We are staying with our friends Mark & Shelley for a few days while we are in transition. *thanks! you guys rock!*

My Mom rode out with us and is flying home on Thursday. It was nice to have her on the trip to help with kiddos, and she's happy for a chance to relax and visit with her sisters.

Last night we went over to my aunts hosue to hang out with family. Today was spent looking at apartments. Tommorrow we need to decide where we want to live so we can do our rental application and get the heck moved in this week.

It's kind of a tough choice, because you'll like one thing in this aprtment, and something else at this other apartment, and you have to decide which one you like the most. But, I AM excited about getting in our new place, decorating, and getting to know the the area and new people.

I'm also excited to be in an area with more than one store to choose from in town. Where we were living in Texas you had to drive 30-40 minutes to be in a decent sized town with a Target (instead of Wal-Mart *bleck* ), Home Depot AND Lowe's, several differnt grocery stores and a mall. Oh, and Wendy's and Papa Murphy's. Gotta love those, too. I guess I just like life in a bigger town.

Well, I will let you know what happens. I have some really cute pictures of my Mom playing with the kids in the car that I will have to post once we get settled in and break out the computer. YAY!

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