Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Hallow's Eve

On Halloween this year we hit two parties. I know, it sounds like we are way popular or something, but really we just went to the big Halloween bash put on by Midwestern (Scott's school) for the kids, then went to our ward's party & trunk-or-treat.

But, before the festivities began I had to get the kids in their costumes, me in my costume, and make hot dogs for the ward party while Scott was at school studying. I was a 'Super Sleuth' from My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Michael was a dinosaur and the girls were princesses. They claim that Katelynn was Cinderella and Emma was Sleeping Beauty, even though their outfits were exactly the same. That's ok. Whatever floats their boats.

The girls were so excited to wear Mommy's make-up with their costumes. So excited, in fact, that while I was in another room they got ahold of the RED lipstick I bought for them to wear with their costumes and proceeded to put it on themselves, as well as Michael.

When I came upon their artistic lipstick application, needless to say, I started HYPER-VENTILATING!! We were already going to be late for the Midwestern party because I had to drop the hotdogs off at the church on the way, and NOW I had to try to clean red lipstick out of a beautiful, blue dress. Scott called and asked how close we were to leaving and I told him what happened. He said, "They don't need lipstick with their costumes. They're too young for lipstick anyways." "Well, it's a little too late for that now!" I said, still freaking out.

So, eventually we got loaded in the car and made it to MWU. First, we got a couple of pictures outside before heading into the student center.

Next, we did the cake walk. The kids didn't quite get it, because after the music stopped they kept hopping onto different squares, but they had fun and that's what counts.

Say "Cheese!"

Emma says, "There is way too much excitement to look at the camera for you, Mom."

After the cake walk we ran into some friends and talked to them for a minute, then headed outside to the inflatable slide and bounce house. They LOVED the slide and bouncehouse. You should have seen their faces as they came racing down the slide! They were screaming with delight. ( You would have seen their faces, but my camera decided to think it's batteries were dead or something. Lame-ity lame lame.)

Now it was time for the ward party and trunk-or-treat. Scott stayed at the school to help clean up, while I drove over to the church and got the kids started with some dinner. The party was SO well organized! They had all the hot dogs already in buns and wrapped up individually in foil. How smart is that?! They also had individual bags of chips, rather than trying to fiddle with putting stuff on your plate. Great idea!

OK, why am I sitting here telling you about the food, when there are more exciting things to talk about. I don't know. On with the festivities! After eating, and another cake walk, this time only eating the top half of their cupcakes (they must have seen the 'muffin top' Seinfeld episode), it was time for the trunk-or-treat. And I must agree with my friend Heidi...going trunk-to-trunk is just not the same as door-to-door. Granted you get a lot more loot for a lot less effort, but the excitement just isn't the same.

It also didn't feel quite like Halloween because we were in T-shirts outside. Something about that is just not right! We are used to living in Utah (and Oregon) where you plan your costume around what warm clothes you can or will wear with it. I remember one year being a genie (think "I Dream of Jeanie") and wearing flesh-colored long-johns underneath!

But, I digress. The kids really got a kick out of walking around to all the different cars and getting candy, once they got the hang of it. Now I think they associate going to church with getting candy. They still say, "We go to church and get candy?!" Oops.

Another family offered to take a family pic for us with their camera while we were trying to take one with Scott's camera, so once I get that from them I will post it here. Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!

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  1. Great costumes! Everyone looked great and a little lipstick only adds to the appeal! Though yes, if it were me I would have been freaking out too. It is just so hard to get out the door on time!


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