Monday, December 15, 2008

Off With His Head!

We have a man down! I repeat, a man down!

We have just suffered the first casualty in our nativity scene. Maybe Herod got mad and sought out revenge. We are still investigating the crime scene, talking to witnesses and checking out possible "perps"....and by "perps" I mean- I know what it means! (Name that kids' movie).

Anyway, Black Wise Man (possibly a hate crime?) is still in the ICU, preparing for his head re-attachment surgery. In the mean time, I guess Kneeling Wise Man and Bending Over Wise Man are going to have to fill in for him and take turns carrying his gift. Hopefully he will be back in tip-top shape soon, as we are 'heading' towards Christmas at a seemingly rapid rate.

Keep Black Wise Man in your thoughts. Hopefully there will be no more injuries in the nativity this season. I will keep you posted and let you know if there are any more attacks. Thank you for your concern. Have a safe holiday and don't lose your head!!


  1. Meet the Robinsons...Do I win a prize? Thats too bad. Hope he pulls through.

  2. It's Christmas meets Halloween, but is it the Nightmare Before Christmas?'s the Headless Wise Man! Watch out, all ye who live in Sleepy Hollow!

  3. He looks pretty angry about it.

    We have our first casualty too - the angel lost her hand. I was kind of hoping she'd lose her wings instead.

  4. That's funny. I also have a Christus statue that is missing a hand. It has come off more than once and I think this time the hand might be lost.


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