Monday, December 8, 2008

White Coat Ceremony

Friday afternoon was Scott's White Coat Ceremony. I guess it's a big deal. All of the first-year students get their white lab coat. I think I may have been more excited for it than Scott was, but I think he was more excited than he let on. I got a babysitter so I could go and enjoy it, rather than fight with kids by myself for 2 hours. It felt really strange to go somewhere without needing to keep track of three kids.

Here he is waiting in line to go on stage:

About to go up:

Getting the coat:

Reading the oath:

*picture to appear later. Blogger is being lame and not uploading pics*

After the ceremony. He is now officially a student doctor. Ha ha ha! Oh, and they got him the wrong size coat, so the sleeves are a little long. That's what he gets for being so dang short. (Of course, he's taller than me, so I can't really say anything.)

Getting a pic with 'the guys'. I think it's funny that everyone is looking at a different camera. There were so many flashes going off they felt like they were being attacked by the paparazzi.
l to r: J.J., Spencer (holding J.J.'s Cole), Nathan L., Ian, Nathan J., Scott

A pic with friends Keith and Burkley:

*see above. Lame Blogger!*

After the ceremony we went home and had our friends from school, the Matthews, over for dinner to celebrate their 'white coated-ness'. It was fun to get to know them better. *Thanks for coming, guys*

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