Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spaghetti Factory

On Monday night we went as a family out for dinner to the Old Spaghetti Factory. It is a tradition in Scott's family to go to the 'Spag' every year at Christmastime. We decided to wait until January to go because every Monday & Tuesday in January, to celebrate their 40 year anniversary, they had part of their menu 40% off!

It was really nice. They seated us at a table that was in its own little room, so we had enough privacy and the kids were contained. But, the kids were actually really good about staying in their seats. Usually when we go to dinner they are bored before the bread comes.

Michael enjoying some milk:

Sorry, Emma, I must have given you a bite that was a little too big:

The whole fam:

The kids on the train. They enjoyed pulling the string to make the bell ring.


  1. Does Scott still order one thing, have you order the other, and then split with you?

  2. You guys are looking a bit more tan than in Utah! Must be the beautiful sunny weather!

  3. Mmmmm . . .I love Spaghetti Factory! Nice of you to share the deal on the last Wednesday in January . . .;). Oh well, glad you had fun and thanks for the reminder to go there soon. :)


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