Sunday, February 22, 2009

Food Coloring Fiasco

I was in the office snuggling & playing a game with Katelynn. She got off my lap and went into the kitchen. Then she ran over to me and said, "Emma and Michael in BIG trouble!". Uh, oh. I ran to investigate.

Emma & Michael were standing on the kitchen counters, and there was food coloring EVERYWHERE! It was all over the counters, inside the spice cabinet, all over the spice bottles, and all over the stovetop. I grabbed them and popped them in the tub a) for damage control b) to get the food coloring off of their bodies and c) to be able to clean up the mess before it stained anything.

As I was cleaning the tile counter tops, I noticed that they were pink & blue, and it wasn't coming off! We are renting this house, so I started to freak out a little bit. Thank goodness for Comet with Bleach!! The counters look good as new now.

But, the kids and I did not fare as well. The kids had patches of food coloring stains on their skin, especially their feet from standing in the dye.

My hands were covered from cleaning up the stuff. If you look at the picture, my hand looks like I have some kind of gangrene or something. Gross! Scott said I should have put on some rubber gloves. Well, I hadn't thought of that. I was just trying to get it cleaned up ASAP! (And yes... I have weird, wrinkly Grandma hands.)

Just a day in the life of three-year old triplets, I guess. At least I can (kind of) laugh about it now.

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  1. Ha ha! I'm sorry you had a mess to clean up, but it is pretty funny! Sounds like something my 16 month old would do because she can scale anything in the house and she loves getting into stuff. Your hand does look pretty gross! ( :


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