Friday, February 20, 2009

My Bob

Last night I had my friend Jenn over to watch a movie. Katelynn was allowed to stay up and watch it with us, because Emma & Michael had to go to bed right after dinner. Why? Because they totally trashed my bedroom closet. Clothes & hangers thrown off of the rods, boxes pushed off shelves and dumped out, the whole she-bang. SO, they were told they had to go to bed right after dinner and weren't allowed to stay up and play with their friend.

We decided to watch a 'big people' movie, rather than the kid movies we get all day long. My friend had never seen "What About Bob?" (I know. Crazy, right?!) We thought that would be a fun one to watch.

When Katelynn woke Scott up this morning, she very excitedly told him that she got to stay up and watch a 'big people' movie. It was about Bob. She asked Scott if she could watch a movie. (Unfortunately, there are many mornings we/I don't want to get up yet and we let the kids watch a movie to keep them occupied. It's bad. I know.) First, she wanted to watch a kid movie, then she said, "No, I want to watch my Bob". When I got up they were sitting there in front of the TV cracking up. I guess Bill Murray's comedic genius influences all ages.

"My Bob" - HA!!

Here is one of my favorite parts for your viewing pleasure.

I'm sailing! Ahoy!


  1. Funny! We just watched it a couple of nights ago too! Bob is making a comeback!


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