Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing With Your Food

On TV you always hear Moms say, "Don't play with your food."


I have become one of those Moms.

The kids, especially Emma, do more playing with their food than eating of it. Usually when you hear that phrase, you think about kids pushing the food around on their plate, dumping it, etc. Well, my kids are a different story. When they play with their food, the food becomes characters in their imaginative play.

For example...

*Today at lunch we had chicken quesadillas. The slices were different family members. One slice was the Daddy, one slice was the Mommy and one slice was the kid, or "Sweetie". The plates were their beds. I thought it was funny that the 'kid' kept coming over to the 'Mommy' & 'Daddy' bed and telling them it was time to get up. Where would they get a crazy idea like that? I mean, I usually get up a couple hours before the kids wake up, go for a 20 mile jog, shower, get dressed and have a piping hot breakfast ready for them when they pad into the kitchen. (And if you believe that, there's some ocean-front property up for sale in my neighborhood)

* They like to make their utensils people, as well. They hold the utensil up, making the biggest part the head, i.e. with a fork the tines are 'the head'. So, if you walk by my house and see the kids chasing each other with a fork or spoon, you'll know why.

* Tonight at dinner we had asparagus. This vegetable is referred to as "beanstalks, like Mickey n' the Beanstalk". They stack them on top of one another, or make them characters in the story, or both!

Kids have the wildest imaginations. It cracks me up the things they come up with.


  1. I LOVE your new design. Very cute! Your YouTube embedding didn't work, though.

  2. I enjoyed hearing Katelynn and Michael-boy sing and pick flowers


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