Monday, March 30, 2009

Testing, testing..

Scott's test schedule at school is {SO} crazy. For example, he had a test last Monday, Friday, one today, and then he has one Wednesday, Thursday and next Monday. This is not uncommon.

And, to give you a little taste of what his tests are like..for his test on Wednesday (or Thursday, it's hard for me to keep track) he has to know the names and locations of 350+ parts of the brain! Plus, they get docked for misspellings. Yikes!

All I can say is... I'm glad it's him and not me!! Good luck, Daddy!
for working your butt off in school for us!!


  1. Okay, (1) There are 350+ parts to the brain? I thought the brain was a part! (Okay I knew there were a few parts to it, but 350+??); and (2) He's in podiatry school, but he has to learn all the details about the brain? Whatever.

  2. Can I just say that I think doctors totally earn their pay. There's a whole bunch of work that goes in before they ever see a dime. Go Scott, Go!

  3. That is ridiculously crazy! I guess I now know who to call when part #277 of my brain hurts! Haha! Good luck Scott!


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