Friday, April 3, 2009

Museum & BBQ

Our friend from UVSC (excuse me, UVU), Dave, was down in Arizona visiting his sister who lives in Chandler, so we decided to get together while he was in town. First, we met at the Children's Museum of Phoenix. Dave's sister, Jenn, has a cute little son, so we thought that it would be fun for all the kids to play at the museum, and it was about a half an hour away for both parties.

Here is a group shot at the museum.

Rowan, say cheese!

After the museum we headed over to our place for a little BBQ. Here are Michael & Emma 'helping' Dave play a game on his phone.

Katelynn hamming it up.

Scott & Dave doing "manly things", like grilling and drinking. FYI- these are just sparkling sodas. Scott has not taken up drinking, although with the pressures of school I wouldn't blame him if he did. Okay, I would blame him, but...

Thanks for coming over, guys. It was great to see you!!


  1. I'm glad you liked your card. Kudos to Scott for not drinking! Goooo Scott!

  2. That's quite a grill, you guys! Did Scott find a killer deal as usual?

  3. I love your grill too. It definitely beats my little charcoal one. I love the baby in the little cranial band. My son had to have one too. It brings back fond memories. . .


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