Thursday, April 16, 2009

Check-Up, Etc.

Katelynn had a check-up today and she officially has NO protein in her urine. Yea! The doctor said she looks great, so we are going to start weaning her off of the steroids. We have to stay on the same dose we are on (5 mL twice a day) for two more weeks, then after that we wean!

In other news... today we signed the papers at the title company and did the final walk-through, so all we are waiting for is the title company to do one last thing. Hopefully we will be getting the call from our Realtor tomorrow to say the house is officially ours. I am starting to get {more excited} about it. I wasn't saying much to anyone about our house hunting or letting myself get too excited about it in case something happened, but now I'm starting to feel it a little more. Maybe I'm just in denial that it is actually happening. Or maybe I'm just shutting it out in my mind because moving=hard work. But, yeah.

Tuesday night was Bunco. I had a ton of fun. I love it so much. I felt really happy and silly and just had a really good time. I feel so blessed to have an awesome group of girls here to hang out with. It's just so great. Words (at least my ability to string them together) can not express how awesome it is. Love.It.

Oh, and me kids broke me brand new camera. Argh! Now I have to ship it somewhere to get it fixed under the warranty or something, I think. Can I say it again? ARGH! So frustrating. And, it's totally my fault, too, because I would leave it down where they could get ahold of it all the time. So, it's frustrating that they broke it AND it's frustrating that I'm dough-headed enough to leave it within the grasp of 3 three-year-olds. Will I ever learn?!

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  1. That's so good about Katelynn. Sorry about your camera, ours has hit the floor hard a few times since Oakley's been on the move! I'm starting to learn...I think?!


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