Thursday, April 30, 2009


The last couple of weeks we've been making an effort to have Family Home Evening every Monday night. The kids get really excited about it, and talk about it all week. They are really at an age now where they can learn & remember principles of the gospel and enjoy the activities. (They probably could before now, but both of our families we're slackers when it came to FHE, so it's been hard for us to get into the habit.)

Last week we talked about the Holy Ghost. I got the lesson from The Family Home Evening Spot, a blog dedicated to FHE lessons for kids between the ages of 0-5. They loved this lesson, especially Michael. A little while after FHE he stopped, listened & whispered, "I hear the Holy Ghost". Then he put his blanket over his head and said,"I'm the Holy Ghoooost". Not quite what we were going for, but I thought it was funny.

All last week, and all this week, he's been talking about the Holy Ghost. Lately he has been playing with a lot of imaginary friends (I think it's so cute). This is a conversation I overheard earlier today.

Michael, looking inside a tent the kids made in the living room...
M: Holy Ghost! Is that you?!
M (in a lower voice): Yes, it's me. You talk about me.
M: Holy Ghost!!
running over to me..
M: Mom, it's the Holy Ghost! He's in my house. We talk about him. He's Jesus' favorite friend.
M: The Holy Ghost is here.
M (in a different voice): I don't like the Holy Ghost.
M (outraged): The Holy Ghost we talk about in family night! The Holy Ghost is Jesus' friend. I love him!!
M (in different voice): Oh, you love the Holy Ghost? Okay.
M: Yes! He's here!

I thought it was so awesome. Kids are so amazing.

This Monday we had a lesson about the Creation and Adam & Eve. We thought that would be a good lesson to have, because the kids like to walk around the house naked all day. So, we talked about the Creation a little, then talked about how after Adam & Eve ate the fruit they realized that they were naked and made clothes out of leaves, because they knew that Heavenly Father & Jesus wouldn't want to see them naked. Then we strung pictures of leaves on a string to make a little loincloth to go around their waists. They liked them so much that they hung them on their cribs at bedtime. They wanted me to take a picture of them sporting 'em, so here ya go. (Like Emma's crazy hair?)

Can you believe how tall they are getting?! I'm anxious for when they hit 42", so they can ride Splash Mountain at Disneyland. They watch "Song of the South", so they will actually know who the characters are and love the ride. But, I digress.

Oh, and if you don't have one yet, you should look at getting a copy of the Gospel Art Book that just came out. It's a spiral bound book full of pictures that are useful for using in lessons, talks, FHE, etc. The book is available at the Distribution Center for $3.50. But, a sister in my ward bought a case of them and opened it up to the other ward members to buy some if they wanted to. Since she bought them in a case, it made the books only $1.50 each, which is a steal! Totally worth it. And, my kids like to look at that book during sacrament meeting more than they like to look at their other books, so that's a bonus. It opens up conversation to tell the kids scripture stories, because they'll look at the pictures and ask what's going on. "Oh, that's Jesus raising Lazurus from the dead". "That's Jesus blessing the children". I love it.

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  1. Emma looks so grown up to me in this picture. I hope this kidlets don't forget us. We love them!


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