Tuesday, May 19, 2009


A few weeks ago we had a Family Home Evening about the Creation. (link to the post about it here) Since then the kids have been obsessed with pointing out everything and saying Jesus created it for us. They will also refer to things as "Jesus' ____(fill in the blank)". Jesus' flowers, Jesus' clouds, Jesus' cars, etc. They talk about how Jesus created us, and name off different people that Jesus created.

The other day we were working at the new house. Michael excitedly ran in the house, grabbed my hand and dragged me outside to show me something. He said, "Look! Look, over there. Right here. Jesus created ants for us! They're at our house! I'm so glad!"

On the same day I saw Michael playing outside on the patio. He was waving the dustpan at a pile of dried flower petals. He would stop and say "Okay, it's going to get windy now", then he would start waving the dustpan again. I walked outside and said, "Are you making it windy?". He said, "Yes, I'm making it windy like Jesus created everything for us, and I'm creating wind like Jesus created it for us."

What three-year-old says, "I'm creating."?!


That's all I can say.


Sometimes it freaks me out how perceptive these kids can be. They are so pure in their logic. They're just so matter of fact about it. We are truly creative beings, as Elder Uchtdorf so eloquently put it.


  1. I remember hearing that talk when he gave it...great talk!

  2. Hey, I saw your link on facebook and I hope you don't mind my reading. Your kids sound so sweet! It's encouraging to hear that SOMEONE'S FHE lessons are sticking. :D

  3. Just think they are going to be FOUR tomorrow!! I can hardly wait to see the little darlings!

  4. I really love your blog!!
    Hugs, Sandy


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