Saturday, May 2, 2009

Streaky Jeans & Jason's Deli

I am pleased to report that my plan of action worked on those crayon-infested jeans. Just Spray n' Wash, Kirkland's Laundry Detergent & Ultra Clorox 2 for Colors did the trick. Phew!!

Also, my friend Jenn & I both had a hard week this week. Jenn and her daughter have both been sick all week, and I...well, I've had toddlers x 3 + a husband gone studying all week. (I was always good at math. Okay, maybe I wasn't.) So, our awesome friend {Lisa} VOLUNTEERED to watch the kiddos so Jenn & I could go out to lunch. How neato is that?! (Thanks, Lisa. You're a peach!)

Neither of us had ever been to Jason's Deli, and we'd heard it was really good, so that's where we ended up going to lunch. It was pretty good. The prices weren't super cheap (no Dollar menu), but they weren't super expensive either (we didn't have to take out another student loan to dine there). The best part, though, was the chatting. We both really, really, really needed to get out of the house and talk to another adult. I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only gal out there who feels the way I do.

After Jason's Deli we headed over to The Home Depot to pick up some painting supplies. Next week we are going to head over to the new house and git 'er dun! After we get the place painted I'm going to take over small loads everyday, then we will do the {big move} during Scott's two week break from school the end of May. (he only gets that ONE 2 week break this whole summer. then, his next break is the end of August for 1 week. ergh! more on THAT later)

I hate to leave you with no pictures, so I'll throw in a couple for good measure.

Here is a picture I stole off another blog of a bunch of us 'med school wives' swimming last fall at Aqua-Tots.

Here's a picture of Michael riding their bouncy horse & wearing Daddy's cowboy hat.

Katelynn trying on Mommy's pantyhose that are "for choir". (When I was in choir at UVSC we had to wear black tights with our dresses, so I think the kids think that those are specifically for choir.)

Emma playing in the rain. *gasp* Yes, it does, from time to time, rain here in Arizona. And you know what they say...when it rains, it pours!

Have a happy day!

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