Monday, July 6, 2009

Friday the 3rd

Since Scott had no school on Friday we decided to have a Family Fun Day.

First, we went to the Children's Museum. The kids always have such a good time there.

Katelynn shopping in the Market. She already loves to shop. Uh-oh!

Emma working in the 'stock room' in the Market. She would NOT look at me for a picture!

Michael watching a ball come down the chute. He spent quite a bit of time in the "ballroom".

After the museum we planned on having dinner at this fun Mexican restaurant downtown near the museum. We printed our gift certificate off of and were really excited to go there. But, when we got there they had a sign posted stating they no longer accept the coupons. (we bought our gift certs back in December). Dang it! So, instead we checked out the Mexican grocery store next door.

They had a restaurant inside the store and we were able to feed our whole family for less than 5 bucks! Yesss! It was fun walking around the store, and we picked up some fresh tortillas (we have something wrapped in a tortilla at least once a week, if not more), Mexican cheeses and some other stuff that looked interesting to try.

After we finished at the store we started home and noticed that the AC was not blowing cold and there was a funny smell. Then, we looked out the window and there was smoke coming from the under the hood!!

So, we pulled off the freeway at the next exit to see what was going on. We decided it probably wouldn't be a good idea to drive the car home, since we were still 20 miles away. We called USAA (yea for roadside assistance!) to get a tow truck. They called us back and said that it would be another HOUR before the tow company would be able to get there. Once we heard that, we figured it would be best if we could find a way home for the kids and I, 'cause they were already kinda grouchy. Luckily, our friends, the Winters, were available and Rob came to pick us up. Thank goodness!!

Yea for Family FUN Day, full of excitement!!

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  1. Hooray for good friends you can call at a moment's notice. Thank you Winters for rescuing my babies!


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