Monday, July 6, 2009

Triking Down the Path

Right by our house there is a paved path, next to a big wash, that leads to a park. One night we decided to see how far away the park really is. The result? It's kinda far. It's do-able with 2 or more adults, but be prepared to carry one or two trikes and experience a lot of whining on the way home.

But, they were excited as we got closer to the park. When Michael saw the play structure he started screaming, "The park! The park! Woo-hoo!!" and pedaling as fast as his little legs could go.

Heading down the street toward the path.

Getting on the path.

Trikin', trikin' trikin'. (click on this one. the looks on their faces is funny funny.)

I love looking at the back of three little kiddos on tricycles. So stinkin' cute!

"Let's race!"

It was a fun, but tiring, evening as a family. Maybe we'll try it again when the weather is a little cooler.


  1. Super cute (and fun!). You are such an adventurous mom!

  2. Love the trikes! Perfect for triplets, and they look so cute riding them together.


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