Friday, August 21, 2009

Space Party

Last Wednesday we went to a Meteor Shower party at the Citadelle Plaza. They had a bunch of stations set up with activities for the kids to do, like crafts and demonstrations, from the Challenger Space Center. There was a liquid nitrogen demo, a meteorite display with pieces of meteorites to touch, and huge telescopes set up. The kids had a good time.

They really enjoyed the rocket demo. (film canisters filled with water and Alka-Seltzer that shot up in the air) Look at Michael's face!

They had a comet-making craft. The comets were such a good idea, and the kids played with them for several days after. Really simple to make, too. You take a sheet of foil and a bunch of streamers, and pinch the streamers in your hand with the foil. Then, squish the foil into a ball around the streamers. And they actually fly! Here's a picture of one of them. Bear in mind that they have been played with a lot since they were made, so they didn't look this raggedy before. ;)

There was also a picture taking station. The kids looked so cute! (Sorry the pictures are so tiny!)

They were giving away prizes for the kids. If you went to all the stations and collected a sticker for your 'passport' from each station, as well as from some of the shops in the plaza, they gave you a certificate good for one Space Place class from the Challenger Space Center. Pretty cool!

They loved looking through the telescopes, escpecially Katelynn. It was fun to see the excitement on their faces as they were discovering some of God's creations.


  1. I love the comets! I'll have to make those with my kiddos when "Twin Time" craft day rolls around.

  2. Super fun, I'm jealous! And I'm with Sally and stealing the comet fun.

  3. LOVE the first pic of Michael! Yes, the kids make cute space explorers!


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