Friday, August 21, 2009

Puppet Show at the library

We went to a puppet show last week at the library. I personally thought it was kinda dumb, but the kids liked it, and that's what counts, right?

All three enjoying the show.

Michael mesmerized by the puppets. His favorite was, of course, the dinosaur scene.

Katelynn deep in thought.

"Don't take my picture, Mom!"

The kids {love} going to the library. We go there at least once a week now. I let them each pick out 2 books and 1 DVD to check out, then I get a few books, too. I like looking through the kid books and finding books I remember loving as a child. Each week I check out at least one of the books I loved as a kid & read it to the kids, hoping they will fall in love with some of the same books I did growing up. Last week I checked out "Stone Soup". The week before that I got "George & Martha". This week I got "Mike Mulligan & his Steam Shovel" and "The Little House".

I also make sure that each week I check out a counting book and an alphabet book. I think when kids are young, repetition is the key to learning. If they see the letters and numbers enough, and with a little encouragement, they will learn their letters and numbers when they are ready. Sometimes I think we over complicate things, and push kids to learn things at a younger and younger age than we need to. When I was in elementary school we didn't even start learning to read until 1st grade. Now, kids are expected to know all their letters going into kindergarten, and if they haven't there's something wrong with them. But, when I was in K I knew how to read (because my mom taught me how) & did the 1st grade reader, then when entering 1st grade I was forced to redo the same coursework and was pushed back to stay with the other kids in my class, punished for the level at which I was already able to read. Now kids learn to read in K and are a failure if they can't. What's up with that?! Why can't kids learn at their own pace?!

Well, that was a long tangent! Anyway...

We love the library!

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  1. Isn't great that kids love to read! I take Oakley to the library usually on Tuesdays each week and she has lots of fun putting books in her bag. I love doing the same thing with my old favorites. It's funny how you don't remember them until you see them and then it's like how could I have ever forgotten that one. It was my favorite! We'll have to do library trip together when we are neighbors! ;)


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