Thursday, September 17, 2009


Last week the Podiatry Club put on a BBQ at the school. Scott was helping cook the burgers. We came to the school to bring by some burger seasoning, and ended up staying for the whole thing.

Here is Scott cookin' it up! Also in the picture are Boyd, Michael & Julie.

Emma & Burkley smiling for the camera.

Burkley & Boyd enjoying lunch with the kids.

As you all know, Katelynn is a bit boy crazy. (click here & here for more on *that*) Katelynn's newest crush is Scott's friend from school Burkley. That girl's got it bad. I think it started when he played basketball with her. She was done for after that.

Just before typing up this post, I asked Katelynn to tell me about Burkley. Her eyes lit up, and this is what she said, "Burkley was playing basketball with me. He was my friend. I love Burkley. He's Daddy's friend. I love all Daddy's friends. I love Burkley a lot. I always scream at Burkley. He always wants to play basketball with me." LOL!!! As I've said before, we are in *big* trouble when she gets older!

Here is everyone who helped out at the BBQ.

A picture one of the kids took of Stephanie. She, as well as everyone else, was getting a kick out of the kids.

A picture Michael took of his foot. I thought it was appropriate for a Podiatry BBQ. Ha!

Austin laughing about something, and Scott helping the kiddos eat.

A picture one of the kids (I keep saying that, don't I. Well, picture taking kept the kids occupied during the BBQ, and I don't remember who had the camera when.) took of Ashley & I. I think they like her 'cause she gives them Cheetos. Ha ha ha!

A picture of (almost) the whole family. Disregard the fact that this is one of the most unflattering angles, and I look psycho. Thank you. I *do* love Michael's face in the picture, though. So cute.

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