Friday, October 23, 2009


I wrote a post for my friend Kristen's blog about the babies' first Halloween. You can see it HERE. Or, you can read it DOWN THERE. Whichever. But, Kristen's blog looks very festive, so you should pop over there anyways. There are many fun posts on there to get you in the Halloween spirit. (Hope it's okay that I stole my post off of your blog, Kristen.)


For today’s submission I will be going along with the costume theme that has been prevalent on the blog thus far. Although I have triplets (Yes, I have triplets. Three of them. Yes, I have my hands full. No, I do not have my whole family done “in one shot”. Yes, it was a difficult pregnancy. No, they are not identical- 2 of them are girls, and one is a boy. You do the math. Oh, sorry. I got kinda carried away there. *Ahem* moving on…), I have never really taken advantage of their triplet status to have cute, coordinated costumes. Sad, I know. The only time they came close to coordinating was their 2nd Halloween when they were all spiders--black knee-highs stuffed with cotton and pinned to a black onesie. I was very lazy that year.

But, on the kids' first Halloween they were so tiny that we got their costumes at Build-A-Bear Workshop. The costumes fit them perfectly, or may have even been a little bit big! Emma was Snow White. We got a little black wig since she had no hair, and pulled the red bow that came with the wig through the holes designed for the bear's ears to stick through.

Katelynn was Sleeping Beauty. The costume came with this little crown. Adorable! And, we never *did* get a picture of her in that costume when she wasn't sleeping. Guess it was the appropriate costume for her that year.

Michael was Woody. The hat that came with the costume was to die for. He looks excited, doesn’t he? We have him sitting in Scott's cowboy hat.

We saved the costumes. They were not cheap, my friends, not cheap. Who pays that much for a Halloween costume for a TEDDY BEAR?! Not on our student budget! Maybe when we have grandkids we’ll be able to afford that. Anyways, we plan to get them a Build-A-Bear someday and dress it in their first Halloween costume. I think we're waiting till they are old enough to appreciate it and not trash the costumes, though.

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  1. OH MY GOSH, I remember that. I actually remember coming to visit you in the hospital and the outfits were there. They were so small....these are great special pics.


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