Saturday, October 24, 2009

After Institute...

Every Tuesday we go to Daddy's school to attend an Institute class. The teacher is awesome, and it's nice to see Daddy during the day. Learning from the scriptures and feeling the Spirit is nice, too. After Institute this last Tuesday it was a beautiful day and the kids wanted me to take pictures of them. It was a gorgeous day, and I'm not one to turn down the kids asking to have their pictures taken, so take some I did! Here are some of the better ones.

Oh! And I received an awesome compliment from the Institute teacher while I was taking the kids' pictures. He was walking out to his car and he said,
"Wait-were all of those kids in class?"
"Wow! I didn't even notice they were there until class was over and they were running around. How do you get them to behave so well? No, seriously."
"Uhm...well, we usually have lunch for them to eat during class, but... I dunno."
"Well, they are really well behaved. 'Cause, like I said, I really didn't notice that all of them were in class. So, you can take that as a compliment."
"Uh, thanks!"

Mommy:1, The Devil:0. Yessss!

At least I know I'm doing something right some of the time, 'cause I definitely have days that I feel like I am doing everything wrong.


  1. Cute pictures. It feels so good to have someone compliment your kids' behaviour. That really is impressive though that they will sit quietly through an institute class.

  2. Congratulations to you! In a similar situation, I think my 2 kids would have SOUNDED like 3 or more! Oh well.

  3. I know I always say this, but the last picture of Emma blows my mind. She is so grown up! When did all this growing up happen?! She is such a little lady. Makes me sad I'm missing all their growing ups. Give them a love for me. Tear.


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