Tuesday, October 27, 2009

You're kidding me, right?!

I am not a perfect mom. I will just lay that out on the table. Jillian <---- not perfect. Got it?

Okay, now that we have that out of the way...

On a typical day I will feed the kids lunch around 12 or so, then after lunch it is their nap time. Well, the other day I decided to look something up on the internet "real quick" before laying the kids down for a nap. It seems that "real quick" and "internet" are not words that can comfortably and easily reside in the same sentence in my world. I got sucked into e-mail checking, Facebook status update reading, picture downloading, blog surfing and the like. Before I knew it, the kids, having been left unattended, had managed to make quite the mess.

When I saw what they had done I started "wigging out" and saying, "What in the world is going on in here?! Are you guys crazy?!?!" This is a list of what I found:
  • crumbled muffins spread all over the family room, kitchen & playroom
  • Halloween candy purchased the previous day opened and spread around their bedroom
  • water all over the bathroom floor and counter
  • one of the girls' babydolls being given a bath. One that is not supposed to be bathed, of course.
  • the same babydoll sporting a new haircut that resembles "the Rachel".
  • Michael wearing a t-shirt with a cut down the front originating from the collar. This was the second time he had ever worn this shirt. When asked why he cut his shirt, he said, "So I could put my head in!" Sweetheart, that's what the big hole at the top of your shirt is for...
Now read what the shirt says.

Quite appropriate, don't you think?!

It's days like these when you want to resign your post or fire yourself from your job. Is that possible? No. Would you really want to do that? No. Do I have more learning and growing to do while on this Earth? YES. Do I love my kids a whole heap, even though they do crazy things, make messes and drive me up the wazoo sometimes? YES times infinity!!


  1. ohhh, just reading that list makes me wish i'll never have days like those, but they are only just beginning!! I'm sorry!!! Call me next time and i'll come over!

  2. Oh no! It's amazing how fast kids can make a gigantic mess! That was the perfect shirt to get in on the action, even if it was new. On days like that you just need to look at your previous post and remember that sometimes everything also goes right :)

  3. I'm so glad you have photo proof and the story written down about that shirt. What a treasured story that will be someday! Sorry for all your troubles, but they are entertaining!

  4. No "internet" and "quick" do not belong in the same sentance. Unless you're talking how fast you can surf from page to page, in which case I wish those two words were juxtaposed in the same sentance at my house.

  5. I feel you, the other day I told my kids it was very hard to be their mommy some days and asked if I should find them a new mommy. They said yes, so I guess that gives me permission to quit. Probably not, but somedays I do wish I could. They came around and decided they wanted to keep me and said they would try to be nicer to me. Now they will hug me and ask if I am happy now (even though the room covered in red crayon is still covered in red crayon, usually the answer is yes.)

  6. I'm nodding my head with an understanding expression right now. (And I only have 1 old enough to do damage.)


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