Friday, October 16, 2009


The kids love their "Little Tigers" class. The location we were attending closed down, so we started attending class at their other location a little farther away, but it's not too far. When we first started at the new place, Emma was a bit hesitant and refused to participate the first two times. But, she's over it now.

Michael playing around with one of the instructors.

Emma jumping over the stick.

Michael running under the stick.

Katelynn running under the stick.

Emma on her way back from doing the obstacle course.

Katelynn standing at attention. "Yes, ma'am!"

Here is a video of one of their favorite "games" in their karate class. First is Michael, then Emma, then Katelynn.


  1. Funny comment from my husband when I was watching this video, he says, "Is someone chugging a beer or something?" (All he heard was "Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!") I said, "No, it's kids doing karate." I thought it was pretty dang funny!!

  2. Sure, teach them to punch someone's gut! Where is the video where they kick someone's shin?..LOL! Way cute anyway!


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