Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Party

Before Christmas we were able to attend a Christmas party with some friends. It was fun to get together. I brought Frosty the Cheeseball (from December's Family Fun magazine), and everyone loved it. We did a white elephant gift exchange. But, I am insane and left our wrapped gifts at home!! So, Ashley wrapped up some random stuff so the kids could participate (a mini box of Wheaties, a bag of candy corn from Halloween and...what was the third thing?). The kids ended up choosing the gifts Ashley had wrapped up. It was too funny.

This is the only picture from the party that turned out okay, but I think it's a good one. So sweet.

After the party we headed to our stake center where they were having a Christmas open house. I was singing in the choir, and while I was doing that, Scott & the kids spent their time outside at the live nativity scene petting all the animals.

Inside the building there was a lot going on. There was a room where they were showing "Luke 2", a room with nativities from around the world displayed, and a room where the kids could dress up as characters in the nativity and do crafts.

Katelynn dressed up as Mary.

Emma as a pink piggy. (She loves pink piggies)

All three in the nativity. Michael was dressed up as a dog. There were dogs there, right?!

It was a fun activity. A lot of hard work was put into it. Everything was set up really well. I'm glad that we went, even though we got home really late.


  1. Didn't you just love that cheeseball? I thought it was the cutest thing! We didn't even want to eat it, everyone ate his butt :). Hey--can I also get your home address to send the JoAnn's card to? You can email me--dodiemt@hotmail.com Thanks!

  2. They make a very cute nativity scene.

    Thanks for the advice on Oakley's bed situation.

  3. Wow! What an amazing church activity! We don't even have a ward choir and ward activities consist of a dinner of Stouffer's lasagna and bagged salad and some light mingling. I'll have to remember some of those ideas if I ever get called to an activities committee.

  4. Wow, yay for your activities committee! It looks like they went all out. And your kids make such a cute nativity.

  5. I think it is a very real possibility that there were dogs there. However, I think the odds of a Jewish stable having pigs is much lower. I could be wrong though Melissa has told me that it's happened... once.


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