Monday, February 15, 2010

Wedding Blues

The kid's Primary chorister got married and we went to her reception. They ran up to her and gave her a big hug. They love her so much. They had fun at the wedding and each got a flower to take home.

We had the invitation on the fridge and Katelynn said, "Why is there a picture of my singing teacher on the refrigerator?" and I said, "Because she is getting married and that's an invitation to her wedding." "Why is she getting married?" "Because she found a boy that she loves and they are getting married." "Is she still going to go to our church?" "Uhm, I don't know. I guess it will depend on where the live after they get married." (Katelynn puts her head in her hand) "Crap...that is crap." "Katelynn!! Don't say that!"

Oh, and a friend of mine was talking to Katelynn last Sunday, and this is what she said:

"Oh my goodness, last Sunday your little girl... I always mix up names, but your little one that has short hair, asked me during sacrament where Sister Miller was. I asked if she meant her music teacher, she said she did. I told her she went to Europe, that she went on vacation. Then she gave me the oddest look, then said "But, it's Sunday, she can't be on vacation!"  It was officially adorable!"

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  1. Haha! It's scary the phrases the kids pick up on and repeat. I'm reminded all the time by the things that come out of Jayden's mouth.


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