Monday, March 8, 2010

AZ Science Center

During Scott's Spring Break we went to the Arizona Science Center. The kids always love going to museums.We were able to get passes from the library, so that is always a good thing.

Here are the kids running around in a garden outside the museum.

Here they are posing on a rock together. Love Michael's face?! Ha ha ha.

The kids loved pushing the button to make Mommy &  Daddy lay on a bed of nails!

Daddy and the kids looking at the 3D pictures. These things reminded me of the old Viewmasters we had when we were kids.

Here is a video of the kids spinning around in an exhibit about centrifugal force (I think that's what it was about. I don't remember for sure). Isn't kid laughter contagious?!

We spent a decent amount of time playing in the water table. It was filled with sand so you could experiment with how erosion works. The kids loved building the dam, then releasing the water to make a river. It was nice to visit the museum.


  1. The word you were looking for is centripetal force not centrifugal force. Technique there is no such thing as centrifugal force but I would have had no idea myself had OSU not felt it an important growing opportunity to torture general science majors with a year of physics.

  2. Oh and yes you are correct there are few things nicer than the sound of a child's laugh although the lack of a child making a sound can be nice too.

  3. Looks like you all had a really fun time. I love taking my kids to downtown Phoenix for the AZ Science Center. For us it's a day trip because we live in Casa Grande, but it is well worth it to see how much fun they have.


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