Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Last Saturday we drove out to Mesa to look at a minivan we were thinking about buying. Or was it the Saturday before that? Man, I'm losin' it... Anyway, we didn't end up buying the van, but while we were in town we visited American Discount Foods. Yes, we really live it up around here. But, when you can get onions for 12 cents a pound and lots of other great stuff for so cheap it's worth stopping there! After shopping we decided to have dinner at CiCi's Pizza, since there isn't one close to us. (Yikes! It sounds like I should rename this post "Ghetto Fun" or something!) The kids love 'playing' the arcade games and picking out their pizza.

Katelynn was a pasta monster! She ate, like 5 or 6 plates of pasta!! It was insane. Maybe the prednisone makes her crave carbs. I dunno. Anyway, it was so funny that I had to take a picture of her with her many plates. Well, the ones that hadn't been cleared away yet, at least.

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  1. Prednisone definitely makes you want to eat a ton! I was on that when I had cancer and I gained 25 lbs. in a matter of 2-3 months! Ugh. That is kinda funny though.


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