Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cuts for Kids

Monday night we went to Cuts for Kids at Midwestern. I wasn't planning to go, but when we went to pick Scott up from school Katelynn had to use the potty, so we ended up getting out of the car and staying for the event. They had a bunch of hair stylists there doing 'free, but you should donate at least $15' haircuts, and the donations went to Locks of Love and Phoenix Children's Hospital.

They also had a bunch of booths set up from local businesses and clubs at the school giving out free stuff, food, drinks, etc, as well as a bounce house and slide. Both Mommy & Daddy were able to get 5 minute chair massages. One booth was giving out potted vegetable plants, so now we have several tomato and pepper plants.

The kids were having a great time. These pictures pretty much sum up the evening.

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  1. That sounds like a great event. How fun! And I love the last post about Katelynn packing away the pasta. I can't believe those were all her plates! It's crazy how much kids can eat sometimes.


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