Friday, March 19, 2010

Top FIVE List

I thought it would be fun to periodically do a Top Five List. I was originally going to do a Top Ten, but decided that it can be hard to come up with 10, so Top Five it is!
Here is my first Top Five.

Drumroll please...


I know some people hate it and avoid it at all costs, but I'm okay with it. Here are the reasons why.

5. The showers at my gym have decent shower heads. I think they're better than the one I have at home, anyways.

4. I get to use the fancy-ish shampoo and conditioner that we got when we stayed at the Marriott last November. I never use trial sized shampoo & conditioner at home, so it's like a little treat.

3. It feels good to hop in the shower right after I've been working out. (I get really sweaty & stinky, especially after a long run. Probably TMI. Ha ha ha). It's so refreshing to let the water wash away all the yuckiness.

2. More privacy! Now, you are probably thinking, 'More privacy?! In a bathroom at a public gym?! With those flappy little curtains for shower doors?! Where Wanda Weirdo could just accost you while in the shower unannounced?!' The answer, my friends, is YES. You mamas probably know this better than anyone. See, when you are in the shower at the gym you don't have little people entering the room saying, "Mom, I need this" or "Mom, so-and-so hit me" or "Mom, can you read me a story" or a plethora of other things to make you squeal "Get out of here! Can't you see I'm taking a shower?! I'm NAKED!" Husbands can be guilty of this crime as well, bless their hearts.


1. Peace of mind. This is similar to the last one, but kind of in reverse. Instead of being interrupted by kiddos you are interrupted by thoughts pertaining to what said kiddos are doing whilst you are in the shower. Is it too quiet out there? Are they getting into trouble? What if some one gets hurt and I don't hear it because I'm in the shower? What if someone comes to the door and the kids open it and it's some kidnapper? The list of questions that rack a mommy's mind while trying to (peacefully) take a shower is virtually endless. BUT, if you are taking a shower at the gym you know where the kids are. You know they are safe. You know that they aren't getting into trouble, and if they are the Kids Club people will take care of it. Your mind is free to enjoy the warm water, the scent of the soap and a few minutes of free time. Or, you can let you mind worry about other's your call. ;)


Oh, and throughout writing this post I kept thinking over and over about "Legally Blonde" when Elle is questioning the daughter during the trial and she keeps saying, "So, you were in the shower..."


  1. I like your list, particularly number one. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks things like that. I hope your locker room showers continue to be such a source of relaxation for you but please, if you ever ARE accosted by Wanda Weirdo, you must post about it.

  2. I love it!! And I totally understand about the peace of mind and not being interrupted!! (and I only have 1 so far!!!)

  3. Ha ha! You are so funny. I can see why those are good reasons to want to shower at the gym. I'd never want to myself, but you do have a point! I shower in the evenings after the kids are in bed so I can get some peace. I usually have exercise class at night so it works that way too.

  4. Hmm... Compelling argument. I went to a gym before I had kids, but didn't shower there because I only lived like a mile away and had virtually no interruptions. Now it's to far to even bother going, but IF I went to a gym you may have just convinced me to shower there. Hopefully someday I'll get another membership and try it out :)


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