Monday, April 19, 2010

Easter Party at Midwestern

Every year at Scott's school they have a big Easter Egg Hunt, snacks and activities. Last year it rained, but this year the weather was perfect! The kids had a great time.


1. The Easter Bunny picked Michael up and gave him a big hug.
2. Michael and his friend Izak were having a 'sticky hand' battle with the sticky hands they got in their eggs. They thought it was hilarious when Michael got the sticky hand wrapped around his head.
3. "I got a ducky!!"
4. Battle of the sticky hands!
5. At the end of the party, happily snacking on sugar cookies they decorated.
6. Katelynn picking up eggs during the hunt.
7. Emma picking up eggs.
8. Katelynn getting a hug from the Bunny.
9. Michael & Emma running across the lawn during the hunt.
10. Photo op with the Easter Bunny. I thought it was cute that they gave the kids pinwheels when they visited with him.
11. Oops--this is a repeat of #1. Oh, well.
12. Rats! This is a repeat of #2!! I swear I am crazy in the head...

(Oh, and if you want to see the pictures better just click on it. If I increase the size, the side of the pictures get cut off.)


  1. I didn't realize at first that the numbered list corresponded to the pictures (duh). I noticed the duplicates at first though, and I was going to tease you about them. I think it's funny that you left them doubled instead of creating a new collage. Lol.

  2. That Easter bunny must get around! I swear that is the same bunny that was at our mall!


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