Monday, April 19, 2010

Pioneer Days

Last Saturday was Peoria's Pioneer Days celebration. That morning they hosted a 5k, and I ran it!! I have never, ever done anything like that in my life! Some friends in my ward convinced me to run it with them by saying, "It's only 3.1 miles. You can do that!" So, after weeks of training it all paid off. My goal was to get under 45 minutes at first, then I changed it to under 40. My final time? 33:45!! (or somewhere around that time. I don't remember exactly what it said when I crossed the finish, and we were at the very back of the pack when we started the race.) It was a lot of fun, and I look forward to running another one soon!

After the race we decided to stay for the parade. It's funny how much kids love parades.

Scott loves the cool, old cars.

Katelynn said she wanted to buy this black llama for Daddy.

Everyone thought this longhorn was really cool. (I *think* it's a longhorn, anyways. Maybe not. I dunno. Scott would know, though.)

The girls loved the Mexican dancers' colorful dresses.

After the parade they had a free family picnic. Cheese, girls!


  1. The horns look pretty long to me.

  2. you did AMAZING!!! can't wait for our next one!!!

  3. 33.45! Not bad! Not bad at all girl! I'm proud of you.


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