Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dinner with Daddy

Sometimes when Scott has a long day at school, packed with hours and hours of studying on end, we will take dinner over to school and eat together. We like to sit at the picnic tables next to a big field of grass and playing catch or tag.

After visiting Daddy one day the kids wanted me to take pictures of them. (Actually, they do that a lot. They'll randomly come up to me and say, "Mommy, take a picture of me." ) It was a nice night, so we got some pretty good pictures.

I love this picture. I think it really captures their special relationship. They love laughing and playing together.

Emma has such a great smile.

This picture of Michael cracks me up. What a goofball!

Even though she has spaghetti sauce all over her face, I still think this is a cute picture. 

A fun picture taken by Katelynn.

I love, love, love this picture! You can't look at it without grinning. Don't you wish we all could have the kind of love for life that four year olds have?

Have a happy day!


  1. Love that last picture too! There's one for the wall. Twins/Triplets are the best!

  2. We love visiting Daddy at school too (only our Daddy- not yours :p)! Our special place is the swings! Makenna loves to swing on them and run around bugging everyone who happens to walk nearby! We walk to "pick" Austin up after school quite a bit!

  3. This is soo cute, the last picture is priceless seriously!!! I would have that framed.

  4. Such a cute pic of Emma.

    Love the one of all three.


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