Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Day of School

The kids had a great first day of school on Tuesday. The only tears came from Michael when I came to pick them up, because he wanted to stay at school for lunch! (they do half-day kindergarten in the morning) In the morning before school Michael was feeling a bit sad, and fussed that he would miss me and the girls, which was sweet.
Here they are showing off their backpacks. They love their Hello, Kitty and Superman packs!
P1020184 Say cheese!
Emma waiting in line with her class before school.
Michael waiting with his class.
Katelynn waiting with her class.
It was so funny. While the parents were helping their kids find their lines, they were all introducing their kids to other kids in their class. When I came to take Katelynn’s picture, she said, “Mom, this is H. She’s in my class! Take a picture of me with H.” She is such a social butterfly!
Here are all three sitting at their desks.
Here is Michael listening to his teacher. It was so cute. In his class the teacher asked them if anyone wanted to share how they were feeling or something that happened to them. One girl in his class said that her Daddy gave her a blessing last night. Then Michael raised his hand and said, “Last night my Dad gave me a blessing.” His teacher said, “Oh, so that you’d have a good day today?” “No, it was about Jesus.” Ha ha! I thought it was so cute.
Katelynn raising her hand in class.
Emma standing in front of her desk. I think they are talking about the pledge of allegiance. That is one awesome thing about the school they are going to. They do the pledge everyday. They also have a moment for personal prayer or meditation everyday.
So far the first week of school is going great. We’ve even been early every day! I’ve discovered that they are much happier if I have a snack for them to eat on the way home, ‘cause they are so worn out & hungry when they get out of school. I think it’s shaping up to be a great year!

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