Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet the Teacher!

Monday night was the Open House at the kids’ school, where they were able to meet their teachers. The kids are all in different classes, so it was kinda crazy dropping off and picking up stuff with three different teachers.  Their school just got finished this last week, so everything is nice and new! I really like that they have a little bathroom in each of the kindergarten classrooms. That’s good thinkin’! ANYway, moving on…

The kids were excited to meet their teachers. All of them seem really nice.

Emma with her teacher


Katelynn with her teacher


Michael with his teacher



I think the kids are going to do great this year. I’ve just been having a roller-coaster of emotions about it. I think it may be harder for me than it is for them! For example—on Monday I was getting the kids supplies organized before we went to the Open House. Katelynn’s teacher wanted each kid to bring a change of clothes in a ziploc bag to keep at the school. All last week I had been meaning to get out the kids’ uniforms that we bought a while ago and make sure of what we had, what we still needed, etc. To my horror I found out that we had ONE pair of pants in the girls’ size!! ONE!! I immediately started hyper-ventilating. “I could have swore we had more pants that actually fit the girls than that! I can’t believe I am so stupid! I can’t handle this. They going to fail school and it’s all my fault! I am a horrible mother…”  These are just a few of the things that are going through my mind, and spewing out of my mouth in between gasps for air. Scott calmly tells me to breathe and suggests I run to Old Navy to see if they had any in the smaller size that we could exchange. I feel sick to my stomach and hop in the car, while I call my sister and start crying because my babies are going into kindergarten. Old Navy was out of them, but thankfully the PTO was selling donated used uniforms at the Open House and they had a huge stack of girls shirts for $1 and shorts for $2. Tender mercy, perhaps?  That is just one example of my psychosis over this last weekend.

After the Open House we came home, got the kiddos bathed & PJed, and their clothes (now that we had some) all laid out for the next morning, then Scott gave everyone a Father’s blessing to start the new school year off on the right foot, including Mommy! I feel so blessed to have a husband who holds the priesthood and is worthy to administer those special blessings in our home. I am much calmer now. I know the kids felt the spirit as they received their blessings. It was neat to hear the different things said in each of the kids’ blessings. They are great kids, and they love each other so much. I know that things will be fine and the kids are where they need to be. I am excited for them to start school, even if it is a new, big, somewhat scary chapter in our lives.


  1. I'm with you on the roller coaster of emotions. I thought that with Kindergarten behind us I might be more even keeled about starting first grade. Maybe I am, but it ain't by much;)

  2. they'll do great. So will you :)

  3. Yay for Katelyn! I love "Sister Perkins" she is a amazing woman! ...small world!

  4. I love Katelynn's funny googly face in Michael's picture.

    What are you going to do with yourself now that they're in school during the day??


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