Friday, November 12, 2010

Halloween Party at Midwestern

Every year we go to the big Halloween party at Daddy’s school. They always have a lot of fun activities for the kids and trick-or-treating from office to office. The kids always have a great time. There are lot of snacks, crafts, games and inflatables. There was so much going on that this is the only decent shot I got!


A quick run-down of their costumes…

Katelynn was a Ladybug Princess. Scott & I made the tutu and the ladybug wings. Yes, I did say that Scott helped. Unbeknownst to me, he is quite the crafter! Those wings would not have turned out nearly as nice as they did without his help!

Emma was Snow White. Everyone kept asking me if I made her costume. Scott said I should have just taken the credit for it, but I did not make it. I wish I was that good! No, we got her costume at a yard sale months ago for dress up play, so as soon as Emma said she wanted to be S.W. for Halloween I squirreled it away!

Michael was the spider that bit Peter Parker that made him become Spiderman. He came up with that all on his own! That boy has quite the imagination! So, we freezer paper stenciled a radioactive sign on a black sweatshirt and sewed four more ‘legs’. I sewed 2 of the legs to his sweatshirt and the other two we pinned to his pants.

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