Friday, November 12, 2010

Ward Trunk-or-Treat

On Halloween Eve we went to our ward’s Halloween Spooktacular. Every year they do a big party with games, a chili cook-off, costume parade and a huge trunk-or-treat. It’s always a lot of fun. Our friends, the Matthews, met us there. I’m glad they came. It was kinda crazy, because there were a *ton* of people there!

Again, this is the only decent picture I was able to get the whole evening! But, I think it’s a cute one. The kids are showing off their spoils after the trunk-or-treat.


Oh! And on Katelynn’s hair I did these two small pigtails with puff braids, so they ended up looking like little antennas! I wish I’d thought of that earlier. It was way cute.

Oh! And because Michael was all in black it was hard to keep track of him. He kept disappearing into the night! It was funny, because people kept thinking he was a ninja with the black beanie on his head, and he kept correcting them saying, “I’m the spider that bit Peter Parker!!”

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