Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I know I haven’t blogged in quite some time. Sorry about the lack of updates! Anyway, here are the basics:

* We went to the parade on Veteran's Day and Scott did balloons. Then we went over to the Railroad Park, which was a lot of fun.

* We had a Thanksgiving feast (shocker, I know). We stayed here in Arizona, and it was just our little family, but it was nice. More on that to come...

* We (finally) have Scott's 3rd & 4th year schedules set! The places he will be jet-setting to are...
Jan - Tuscon, AZ
Feb - Phoenix, AZ
Mar - Greeley, CO
April - Glendale, AZ
May - Phoenix, AZ
June - Tacoma, WA
July - Tampa, FL
August - Phoenix
Sept - Phoenix
Oct - Johnson City, NY
Nov - Temple, TX
Dec-May - Phoenix ( I think...)

So, he will be gone 6 months total. That's not too bad. It could have been way worse. I'm glad he was able to get his Core here in Phoenix, 'cause with the kids in school and everything there is no way we could travel around with him, and we wouldn't want to move, either. 

* The kids had their last soccer game of the season last Saturday (before Thanksgiving). Another post to come.

* The whole month of November Scott has been doing a Dermatology rotation over in Paradise Valley. Next month he will be at a pod clinic in downtown Phoenix. It's been interesting switching from 'school' mode to 'work' mode. He is turning into a doctor! (or, so the kids say, esp when he wears his white coat)

* We had family pictures taken on Saturday. I'm excited to see the results. I know they will be fab! The kids did really well with it, and we played at the park for a while afterwards.

* I think we have all of our Christmas shopping done! There are a few things I still need to make, so there might be another trip or two to Joann for extra supplies, but basically it's done! Woo hoo!

* I threw a party the night of the Harry Potter premiere, then went with some friends to the midnight showing. It was a lot of fun. A post coming about that, too. 

* Can't think of much more. Just keeping busy with holiday stuff, getting together with friends, school stuff, trying to stay sane, etc. 


  1. Johnson City, NY? How totally random. It's about 5.5 hours from me. And he'll be there in October -- fall colors in New York state! You have to come visit.

  2. It's so crazy all the hoping Scott's going to be doing. It's seems like he is able to be in the Phoenix area fairly often. It will probably be nice that all his away from home time isn't at once. Also, I think it's funny that he will be in Tacoma in June and strait to Tampa in July. From cold and rainy strait to hot and sticky! Hope he has fun!


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