Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Team Harry!

I am about to admit something that may be considered by some people to be very uncool, especially for someone my age, but… I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. I love it! I love reading the whole series at least once a year. I love reading some of the fan websites & interviews with the people involved with the movies. In a nutshell—I’m a big fan! So, when the new Harry Potter movie was about to come out I decided to throw a party at my house, then go to the midnight showing with some of my friends. I have never done anything like that for any of the previous movies, but this time I said, “What the heck?! It’s the first part of the last movie, so I’m running out of opportunities to do something like this. Who cares if people think I’m kinda crazy?!”

I actually had a really good turn-out! There were 8(?) people at the party, and 6 of us went over for the midnight showing. When we got to the theater we met up with 5 more people who were planning to come to the party, but didn’t make it. I also had a few friends who really, really wanted to come to the party, but couldn’t make it. I guess I’m not the only fan!

For the party we had people bring “magical” treats. We had cockroaches, golden snitches, pumpkin pasties, candy skulls, yorkshire pudding (although they turned out like rock cakes), and butterbeer. (I feel like I’m forgetting something…)

During the party we set up a little “Diagon Alley” in my front room, with different tables set up to represent different shops. We also played a game where you had to guess which character you were by only asking yes or no questions (I put pieces of paper on everyone’s backs). I planned a little trivia game, too, but we were all too busy talking. That’s okay. Talking is great!P1020766P1020771

We headed over to the theater about 10:30, I think. Maybe it was closer to 11. We started to worry a little bit when we got there,  because we didn’t see anyone else dressed up. But, we soon found other people as crazy as we were. Here are some pictures we took waiting for the movie to start. Oh, and no making fun of how we look. It’s almost midnight, people!P1020756P1020758P1020760P1020761

I brought a bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans for each person from the party who came to the theater. Some of them were disgusting!! (the beans, not the people)        

Carissa & I posing with the Beans.P1020762

Here we go…P1020763

Aaah! That’s awful! I’m going to barf! Get me a napkin! They were NOT kidding! That rotten egg flavor?! Well, let’s just say that I seriously hope I never have anything that disgusting in my mouth ever again. *shiver*


All in all it was a great night. I’m so glad I had friends crazy enough to do this with me. I loved the movie, and I can’t wait to see it again! I think when the second half comes out I will have to have another party, ‘cause it was a lot of fun.


  1. You KNOW I completely understand! It looks like you had a fun party and a fun viewing! Oh Harry, what would we do without you?

  2. So totally jealous that I had to miss the party! But, next time I will be there!!


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