Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

This year’s ward Christmas party was a lot of fun. P1030013As part of the program they had the Primary do the Nativity. It was hilarious! All the kids were just in these piecemealed costumes. Then, you have all the confusion of the kids not knowing where to go, etc. It was funny, because our Bishop was the narrator and there were times he would say, “And all the angels LEFT” or “and then the shepherds WENT HOME” Lol!

Emma was an angel. I thought the gold garland halos were genius. Props to whoever came up with that. Oh, and now whenever we talk about or sing about angels, Emma exclaims, “Like me! I’m an angel!”P1030015P1030024

Katelynn was a wise’man’. She always talks about how she was the only girl wiseman with all the boys. I told you she was boy crazy! P1030019

Michael was a sheep. Like his ‘wooly coat’?! Why, yes…that *is* quilt batting wrapped around his body. I tried to make it look more realistic, but Michael was concerned about arm movement.   P1030022  P1030028

During the program my friend, Risa, and I sang a neat song called, “Starbright”. She played the guitar and we both sang. Then, after the program was over the kids got to meet Santa. But, being the bad parents we are, we missed their visit with Santa because Santa was in the Primary room with the kids, and we were still in the cultural hall chatting and eating dessert! Oh, well.  They told us all about it and showed us their candy canes. P1030035 P1030036

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