Sunday, January 2, 2011


During the Christmas break we went as a family to see “Tangled” in 3D. The kids loved it. I could hear Katelynn giggling through the whole movie.

And, aren’t kids in 3D glasses so dang cute?!

P1030042 P1030037 P1030041


  1. Natalie said her favorite part was when they cut off her hair and it turned brown. She said, "and then the girl had brown hair just like me!" LOL

  2. I love Michael's shirt! And I can't believe Katelynn can still wear that sweatshirt. I remember when we went camping forever again and the girls wore those for the first time. The kids just seem so big in the picures, but I guess in real life they're pretty small still. Wish I could see them.


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